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RMDL Recreational  Marine Drivers  License  
Formal training is compulsory for vessels powered by a motor over 4.5kW (6hp) and for a Jet Ski.
This is a condition set by Maritime Safety Queensland.
Your training covers aspects of recreational boating which includes legislation requirements and practical skills.

The Course :
Classroom Session OR Online learning 
Safety Briefing  
Vessel Familiarisation 
On Water Instruction  
On Water Assessments  

De- Briefing 
Finalisation  of Documentation
Once you have completed the training, you will be issued with a statement of competency which is not your licence.
You must present the statement of competency, a licence application form and acceptable evidence of identity in person at a Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads customer service centre within six months of the date of issue of the statement of competency.
Boat Licence (RMDL) requirements It is a requirement of Maritime Safety Queensland that a person be 16 years of age or older to be issued with a Recreational Marine Drivers Licence. A person may attend the training once they are 15 years and 6 months of age. 

You must demonstrate you are competent to navigate and manage a recreational boat. 
You must complete a Medical Disclosure Statement. 
You must provide suitable identification.
On successful completion of the course you will be issued with a Statement of Competency which must be validated at any Queensland Transport & Main Roads Customer Service Centre that issues marine licences. 
The Queensland Transport Licence fee is payable when your licence is issued.  

  Jetski (PWC) Licence Requirements
You must hold a current and valid marine licence before being able to obtain a personal watercraft licence.
The PWC Licence training can be held on the same or  a different day to the boat licence training depending on local conditions.

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  • CPR and other safety training
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Boat and Jet Ski License Hervey Bay

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Learn To Dive        International Dive Course             
Hervey Bay is located near Fraser Island Queensland   We have an abundance  of Artificial Reefs to Discover
Only a couple of hours out to sea is the most beautiful coral reefs the Southern end of the Great Barrier Reef
1.5 hours North is the best shore diving in Queensland  the  Bargara Coast

Try SCUBA Diving or Refresh your Skills
The Underwater World is an exciting different world      Learn To SCUBA Dive    

Try a Pool Lesson If you enjoy  the pool lesson sign on  for the weekend of pool /confined water

The first weekend is designed to allow you to learn and understand the skills
required to safely dive in the ocean getting familiar with the equipment and practicing skills
On the first weekend we will also cover the theory of Diving in  addition there will be pre course study
Once you are confident and all skills are deemed competent

The next step is the Ocean Open Water Diving
We take it Slow and Easy to allow you to orientate  we will attempt to  find some sheltered water, nice and shallow.
Settle in and adapt to a new environment  The skills you learned in the confined water will be rehearsed and expanded on
A weekend of Ocean diving or two days over separate weekends
4 SCUBA Dives and some  snorkel time are the minimum practical required dives

Once completed  you can now dive anywhere in the world in similar conditions in which you were Instructed
You receive an INTERNATIONAL DIVE CERTIFICATE  From the worlds oldest and most respected dive institutions NAUI
National Association Of Underwater Instructors

What do you need to participate in a beginner course ;
Basic swimming skills to be demonstrated
A dive medical to be completed and possibly you may be required to see a  dive doctor
2 passport photos required to be sent to NAUI head office in America
It is recommended  you supply your  own mask snorkel and fins
It is advisable you purchase a wetsuit
Bring along your sun protection closed in shoes water food medications etc

We Supply for course duration  :
SCUBA Equipment Regulator Bouyancy Control Device Dive Cylinders
Weight Belts , Safety Equipment , Pool Fees .
Dive Trips
Manual Workbooks training aids
Course Costs ;
The Normal Course Cost :
One weekend of Confined Water
Two days of Ocean diving

Manual and International Dive Certificate

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