boat and jet ski license hervey bay ​Boat License Hervey bay

Boat and Jet Ski License Hervey Bay  Learn to SCUBA Dive
Boat License Hervey Bay
Boat and Jet Ski License Requirements More information :    

Boat and Jet Ski License  Testing competency      Hervey  Bay Queensland

RMDL Recreational
Marine Drivers  License    PWC Personal Water Craft   (Jet Ski )

Formal training
is compulsory for vessels powered by a motor over 4.5kW (6hp) and for a Jet Ski. This is a condition set by Maritime Safety Queensland. Your training covers aspects of recreational boating which includes legislation requirements and practical skills.

The Course :

Classroom Session
Safety Briefing  Vessel Familiarisation On Water Instruction   On Water Assessments    De- Briefing  Finalisation  of Documentation

Once you have completed the training, you will be issued with a statement of competency which is not your licence.
You must present the statement of competency, a licence application form and acceptable evidence of identity in person at a Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads customer service centre within six months of the date of issue of the statement of competency.

Boat Licence (RMDL) requirements It is a requirement of Maritime Safety Queensland that a person be 16 years of age or older to be issued with a Recreational Marine Drivers Licence. A person may attend the training once they are 15 years and 6 months of age. You must demonstrate you are competent to navigate and manage a recreational boat. You must complete a Medical Disclosure Statement. You must provide suitable identification. On successful completion of the course you will be issued with a Statement of Competency which must be validated at any Queensland Transport & Main Roads Customer Service Centre that issues marine licences. The Queensland Transport Licence fee is payable when your licence is issued.          Jetski (PWC) Licence Requirements

You must hold a current and valid marine licence before being able to obtain a personal watercraft licence.The PWC Licence training can be held on the same or  a different day to the boat licence training depending on local conditions.

What To Bring
Please bring Your drivers license or suitable ID medicare etc Sunscreen /water / closed in shoes Hat etc /snacks /Your medical requirements   Please let me know prior to the course If you have any  medical or physical limitations Confirmation of payment if funds transfer Any online confirmation of pre- course training if applicable

Course Fees
Boat Licence Course $150 - 1 person individual bookings

Boat & Jet ski Licence Course Package
$280 - 1 person individual bookings

$50 Replacement Certificate of Competency
Large groups, schools and clubs Contact us for custom packages

Marime Safety Queensland (MSQ) is the the Queensland Governments administrative
body with the responsibility for the appointment of Boat and Jet ski licence trainers within the state of Queensland.

The course location varies as we work  to the weather conditions in Hervey Bay  

It is advisable to contact me by E mail or phone the evening before the course around 6 pm